Still from Rap Skool

Rap Skool – a new Ngwe Bros project

13th Annual New York Television Festival

Rap Skool, a project that Nnamdi wrote with his twin brother, Amechi, has been selected for the 2017 New York Television Festival!! Directed by Aaron Fronk, this comedy features some amazing artists and they’re all really excited about bringing it to the rest of the world.

Watch the trailer:


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Nnamdi discusses Rap Skool on Podtalk podcast

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Rap Skool on IMDB.

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Still from Cousins

Nnamdi returns as Julius in a new episode titled ‘Cousins’

‘Cousins’ is written in collaboration with his brother Amechi Ngwe and Nnamdi is back as Julius Smith!

Once again, we look at interactions with everyone’s favorite local service advisor. This time around, Julius decides to spend some time with a relative in this hilarious and touching episode.

The episode also stars Torian Miller, Shantira Jackson and Hannah Parsons.

You can find the full video on the Julius page.

3Peat named as one of top shows in Chicago for 2016

“One of the city’s top long-running improv shows…”

Looks like the year is ending on a high for 3Peat! In this December article from The Chicago Tribune, Nina Metz chronologically lists her favorite theatres shows of the year. In fact, she calls the improv troupe out as one of her ‘top theatre shows’ of 2016 and highlights their strength and versatility on stage.

Article Link:

The Chicago Tribune

If you’re on Twitter and would like to see more from Nina, she is @Nina_Metz .