Nnamdi has been invited to appear as a guest on a number of podcasts. They’re all listed below so you can work your way through them. Have a listen and leave your comments at the bottom of the page.
I’d See ThatShow Name: I’d See That
Host Name: Geoff George & Bobby Evers
Episode: 17
Show Recap: Nnamdi talks to the hosts about the movie Fences.

The Nerdologues - MBSingShow Name: The Nerdologues - MBSing
Host Name: Mary Beth Smith
Episode: 180
Show Recap: Nnamdi discusses moving movies with Mary Beth.

Shanghai Comedy Corner PodcastShow Name: Shanghai Comedy Corner Podcast
Host Name: Scc
Episode: 0
Show Recap: Nnamdi talks about 3Peat and Julius.

The Bovine PodcastShow Name: The Bovine Podcast
Host Name: Kent Welborn
Episode: 30
Show Recap: Nnamdi talks about improv in Denver and Chicago and importance of unity in Theaters.

Popfury PodcastShow Name: Popfury Podcast
Host Name: Sammy Tamimi
Episode: 76
Show Recap: Nnamdi is invited back to Popfury with Milan Cook sit to discuss current events with Sami.

Popfury PodcastShow Name: Popfury Podcast
Host Name: Sammy Tamimi
Episode: 24
Show Recap: Chicago actor and improvisor NNAMDI NGWE visits Studio 1Q to discuss Whiplash, surviving the zombie apocalypse, diversity in TV & movies, and boy bands.

Improv NerdShow Name: Improv Nerd
Host Name: Jimmy Carrane
Episode: 90
Show Recap: Jimmy sits down with Nnamdi Ngwe live from Stage 773. Nnamdi has performed all over Chicago at the Annoyance, and iO Chicago.

The NerdologuesShow Name: The Nerdologues
Host Name: Mark Colomb
Episode: 115
Show Recap: Nnamdi and Mark talk about travel and Improv in Chicago.

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